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How To Receive Our Services?

How to receive our Home Support and Care Services

If you, or someone you care for needs help and you have not yet contacted
Social Services you can call us direct on 0208 952 6535.

This first visit is called an Assessment. We will arrange a visit to your home and you can ask a relative or friend to be with you if that is what you want.
A care manager or care coordinator will carry out your assessment.
The information you provide is a private matter between you and the people directly involved with arranging your care needs.
No third party will have access to this information without your written permission
We encourage your participation, throughout the assessment to give us a greater understanding of your needs and preferences to the type of service required. We shall then plan for your support by forming a Care plan.
The Care Plan will be kept safely within the Communication Log in your home

The Care Plan contains details of the services you are going to receive; it is set out in the form of weekly time table.
• a reason why each service is being provided
• the times of the day you should receive these services
• the length of each visit
• who will be providing the services
• who to contact out of office hours or in an emergency.

Your Home Carer(s) will only deliver the Services detailed in the Care Plan, any requests for additional Support, please call the office.

The Care Plan is reviewed every 6 months but can be reviewed when ever is thought to be necessary.