Covid-19 upates

August 2020

March seems a long time ago since the Government introduced the ‘lockdown safeguard’ measures that has affected so many peoples way of life. I thought it would be useful to let you know and to reassure you that despite the recent relaxations that the Government has and will be implementing on restrictions of movement, we continue to advise and guide our Eagle Care's staff with the same advice and caution as we have done from the start to protect you and themselves.

Although there are some strong positive indicators that many of the measures have delivered around controlling Covid-19 infections, the fact is that it is still a risk and we should not let our guard down in how we conduct our daily lives and the routines you have established with the carers who look after you.

Given what we all have had to deal with I am pleased and so proud to announce that despite almost 14 weeks passing since the start of lockdown Eagle Care has not had one reported case of Covid -19 infection with any of our Customers or Carers.

This is an amazing testament to the professionalism of the Eagle Care staff and to the discipline and seriousness with which you, your friends and your family members have dealt with the situation. I would like to send you all my personal thanks and admiration. It truly demonstrates to me that people are safer when they are looked after in their own homes and just as importantly, they are happier despite the daily challenges that they may face.

Please continue to follow the updated guidance on the Government websites around social distancing in and around your home and ensure your friends and family respect any concerns you and your carers may have despite their eagerness to get things back to normal.

We will continue to provide peace of mind for our customers and carers through a number of key actions during this period:

VISITING CARE. We schedule the same local carer with a client rather than multiple changes and arrange extended visits rather than multiple visits in one day.

We are regularly briefing our carers on the situation – following health, medical and government advice – including their key worker status, enhanced cleaning and sanitisation routines to help support clients in their own home.

We have switched our office to 100% remote working, to allow us to maintain our support services. Also switching several functions to digital-only, to protect provision.

We are following government guidelines on testing. If our carers show signs of symptoms, or the clients they are supporting, we will advise them on priority testing, guide them through the process and appropriate actions required.

We continue to accept new clients, as long as our Carers can support the care requirements. After a simple registration process we can have a carer in place in as little as 24 hours.

Our actions are based on the government’s official Coronavirus advice and we continue to review and follow homecare industry advice and best practice in all circumstances.

Keep safe – I hope we can help your loved one during this period.