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The aim of this post is to promote the independence of the Service User/s, you support. It is to allow the Service User to live a valued lifestyle in their own home and within local community.

Carers must always be respectful to the Service User and must always remember that it is their home and not yours.

This means that you will need to listen to the Service User’s requests regarding their home, life and their culture.

Tasks to be undertaken include:

1. Support:

To assist the Service User with their personal care needs. For example:

  • Washing/bathing,
  • Cleaning dentures / Brush teeth,
  • Hair care,
  • Toileting,
  • Shaving,
  • Dressing and undressing.

a. Privacy and dignity must be maintained at all times by closing doors, ensuring that the Service User is wearing clothes or a towel when waiting for a bath, etc.

b. To assist the Service User with their mobility. This may include use of appropriate equipment to allow movement around their home and community (e.g.: hoist, wheelchair). Manual handling safe techniques need to be applied / used.

c. To promote communication through the Service User’s preferred manner (e.g. speech, writing, sign language, preferred name).

d. To assist the Service User to go out to places of their interest (e.g.:shops, library, pub, to visit friends, etc).

e. To give the Service User the opportunity to have some personal space. This may be to spend time with their friends and family or be on their own (with support available on request).

2. Household Tasks:

a. To assist Service User to prepare and cook meals or to cook for them if required.

b. To undertake basic house cleaning. This includes washing up, dusting and hovering, but not heavier cleaning, such as washing curtains, washing windows.

c. Washing and ironing of the Service User’s clothes and linen.

d. To assist the Service User with their shopping. Any money spent will need to be recorded in the Service User’s home file.

3. Other Tasks:

a. Maintaining a safe environment and safe working practices. If you have any concerns these must be reported to the Eagle Care services Manager.

b. Completion of daily report in the Service User’s home file. This must be factual and respectful.

c. To complete a report of any concerns, potential risks, incidents or accidents, Eagle Care Manager must be informed of these, immediately.

d. To respond immediately to emergencies (e.g. fire, medical injury) and if required, Contact the Fire brigade or Ambulance: Dial 999.

e. To complete a timesheet for each Service User you support. Time sheets must be singed by the Service User or next of kin or an advocate etc.

f. To assist Service User with taking their medication (Only those Carers who have attended Medication course must carryout this task).

g. The level of support given must be at the level indicated on the medication record form in the Service User’s home file and must be signed on each occasion. It is not acceptable to sign in advance or for the whole day at the end of the day.

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