Welcome to Eagle Care Limited

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Welcome to Eagle Care Limited

This Guide aims to provide new and existing service users, their representatives and carers with useful information about the Eagle Care Service. The Care Service will provide you with the support you need to live independently in your own home.

We aim to create an environment within your home that is safe, secure, convenient and comfortable enabling you to enjoy a good quality of life. We will make sure that your; dignity, privacy and confidentiality are respected at all times.

Our Home Care Staff are trained on an ongoing basis. This ensures that they have the necessary skills and experience to meet your needs. We will make sure that the people who care for you are well motivated.

Your Home Carer(s) will always be polite and courteous. They will seek your agreement before doing any tasks in your home.

The service aims to be reliable, flexible and sensitive to individual needs. It is delivered in a way that respects your lifestyle and personal choices. The service we offer is sensitive to all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Most importantly we are committed to providing a high quality, value for money service. We value your views and will use them to continually improve the service we offer.

Eagle Care was opened as a home care service, to support Adults and older people in the community with varied needs and support.

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The essential standards of quality and safety are central to our work in regulating health and adult social care. Each of the standards has an associated outcome that we expect all people who use services to experience as a result of the care they receive.
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